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State House spends Sh. 5.37 billion in six months

The National Treasury’s budgetary review report has revealed that State House spent Sh. 5.37 billion in the six-month period to December 2023.

This spending saw the State House overshoot its allocated budget by Sh. 447 million.

In late 2023, State House got an additional Sh. 2.53 billion in the supplementary budget.

These allocations were said to be purposed for personnel emolument, enhanced operations and maintenance expenses, refurbishment of buildings and other civil works.

Reports show that out if this spending, recurrent bills accounted for 92.39 per cent. These bills included administration fees, maintenance, and employees.

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Notably, the budget given to State House is usually separate from the budget allocated to the president’s official executive office at Harambee House.

Besides this spending, State House is also undergoing renovations whose cost will be Sh. 795 million. This is an increase of Sh. 600 million from the initial Sh. 195.4 million.

Apparently, Sh. 620 million will be used for construction while Sh. 149.02 million will be used to refurbish parts of the current building.

An additional Sh. 26.4 million will be used for the purchase of specialized plant, equipment and machinery.

A previous report by the Controller of Budget showed that State House spent Sh. 2.4 billion on travel and luxuries in the six months period between October 2022 and March 2023.

At the same time, the Executive Office of the President spent a total of Sh. 2.369 billion on travel, hospitality, fuel and maintenance of motor vehicles alone.

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