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Woman sues ex-State House official, demands Sh. 413 million child support

A woman seeking child support from a former State House official is demanding up to Sh. 413 million one-time child support payment.

Alternatively, the woman is demanding for Sh. 2.7 million monthly payment as child support. She demands that this monthly fee be oaid every fifth day of the month starting from June 5, 2023.

The woman who was identified in court papers as AK alleges that her baby daddy who was identified in court papers as JG has abandoned their children.

She says that the money she is seeking for will be used to pay for the kids entertainment, shelter, clothing, chef, driver,  utility bills, housekeeper, nanny, security guard, and general shopping.

In the alternative, she demands for Sh. 413 million, which she says will be adequate enough to cater for the children until the age of 18 years.

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“From 2015 to 2018, Mr JG used to maintain the three minors as their father and he introduced them to a high standard of living while living in Runda,” says AK in court papers.

“In an unexpected turn of events and for no apparent reason, he began to systematically drop all support for the three minors in 2018.”

She further says that the man who also holds dual citizenship for Kenya and the United Kingdom is the biological father of her two children and has assumed parental responsibility for her first norn daughter who is not biologically his.

Sh adds that he “is a wealthy man” who “runs various businesses across the sectors of the economy and is a man of means with a liking for a luxurious lifestyle and a taste for high-quality standard living.”

She further says that she married the man in 2015 and three years later, in 2018, he abandoned his family and his responsibilities.

In the list of demands, Ms. AK has asked for Sh. 1 million annually for each of the the three kids’ birthdays. She also wants an SUV to be on standby for use by the children on a needs basis.

In  addition to this, Ms. AK is also demanding for Sh. 900,000 (Sh. 300,000 per child per month) for outings, extra-curricular activities during weekends, library membership, STEM club, horse riding at a reputable riding school as before, tennis and golf clubs and golf course.

She wants an additional Sh. 300,000 every three months per child for clothing and specialised sports garments and another Sh. 60,000 to buy age-appropriate toys and games per child.

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