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Streamline your business operations with Telkom Kenya’s Bizna solution

Telkom Kenya data bundles have become one of the best deals when browsing the internet. This is owed to the fact that they are cheap and last for a long time.

This makes Telkom one of the best options to consider when looking to be connected for your day-to-day business operation.

The telco has various products tailored to meet diverse customers’ needs.  A good example of such products is the Team Bizna product that targets small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as large corporates.

Team Bizna is the teamwork tariff from Telkom’s Bizz bouquet that allows your team to stay in touch with each other and with customers affordably.

How to Share Your Telkom Data, Minutes, Voice and SMSs With Friends

Team Bizna has three packages which include

  • Team Bizna Lite (Sh 500) – 1000 SMS, unlimited Bizna Lite minutes.
  • Team Bizna Standard (Sh 750)- 20GB, 1,000 SMS, 3,000 minutes
  • Team Bizna Premium (Sh 1500)- 40GB, 1,000 SMS, 3,000 minutes

 All these packages have a validity period of 30 days after activation. To get started, dial *321#. Telkom also has other affordable plans to keep you connected. They include:

  • Mzito bundle Ksh 500, 3GB, 50 minutes to any network, and 100 SMS to any network.
  • Mzito Bundle Ksh 1000, 10GB, 150 minutes to all networks, and 300 sms across all networks.
  • Mzito Bundle Ksh 2000, 25GB, 400 minutes to all networks, and 600 sms across all networks.

The Mzito bundles Ksh 500 and Ksh 1,000 packages do not have an expiry date, while the validity period of the Mzito Bundle Ksh 2000 is 30 days.

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