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Super Metro: How Nairobi’s most popular Sacco won over commuters from rivals

By Benson Bundi

Super Metro Limited is a relatively new player in the public transportation sector in Kenya, having been established in 2016.

The company began its operations by providing bus services on the Thika Road route in Nairobi. Since then, it has expanded its operations to other routes, including Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD), Rongai, Ngong, Kitengela, and Juja.

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The SACCO has emerged as a significant player in Kenya’s public transportation sector, providing daily affordable and reliable bus services to thousands of commuters.

Super Metro has single-handedly threatened the existence of other SACCOs on every new route they join. This has earned them the phrase “wakifika stage wanajua ni mazishi. “


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What is their secret?

Comfortable and reliable buses

Super Metro Limited has invested in modern, well-maintained buses that offer passengers a comfortable and reliable commuting experience. The buses are equipped with comfortable seats and onboard Wi-Fi, among other amenities. Some buses even have seats for exceptional cases, such as expectant mothers, those with small babies, differently-abled persons, and the elderly.

The Metro buses are often tuned to urban radio stations such as Classic 105 and often play cool music to soothe the tired passengers in the evening. This has endeared them to the young and middle-aged commuters of Nairobi.


The Super Metro buses have a reputation for always reaching their destination despite the number of passengers on board. One traveller narrates how he boarded the bus with his sister headed for Juja Farm. While most travellers alighted at Juja town, the bus ferried the remaining three passengers to Juja Farm.

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Also, the buses have fixed schedules and routes. Unlike most public vehicles, Metro buses are often express, rather than making frequent stops along the way to collect passengers. This reliability is among the factors that have made the buses a Mecca for travellers.

Customer service

Super Metro Limited has a customer-centric approach, with a customer service team responsive to customer queries and complaints. This has helped build customer loyalty and a positive reputation for the company.

The buses have efficient operations, with well-trained drivers and support staff who ensure that buses are on time and that passengers are treated professionally and respectfully.

Fair Prices

Super Metro Limited offers affordable bus fares, which has made it a popular choice among commuters in Nairobi and its environs. The company’s competitive pricing strategy has enabled it to attract many passengers.

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Further, their fare price is constant, and they don’t overcharge customers during rush hours or bad weather. They are also flexible and accept cashless transactions such as Mpesa.

Observance of Traffic Laws

The Super Metro buses rarely overload or carry excess passengers. Their drivers have often been praised for observing traffic rules such as lane & speed discipline. They also prioritize customer safety through orderly boarding and clean vehicles.

Route expansion

The company has expanded its operations to cover various routes, including Thika Road, Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD), Rongai, Ngong, Kitengela, and Juja. This has enabled it to serve more passengers and grow its customer base.


Overall, the combination of these factors has contributed to the success of Super Metro Buses Kenya in the country’s public transportation sector. As one commuter commented, Metro is an excellent example of how one should never be too comfortable in business or you’ll be swept out of the market. It’s best to consistently think of better ways of innovating and growing.

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