Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Family Bank Scoops Overall Position in KBA’s 2021 Custom Satisfaction Survey

Family Bank has been voted best bank in customer responsiveness and digital banking experience in a survey conducted by the Kenya Bankers Association.

More than a fifth, approximately 21.2% of over 29,000 respondents voted Family Bank to top overall and best tier two bank in the 2021 survey. Family Bank moved up one position as compared to the 2020 survey where the Bank scooped overall second best bank and maintained the position as best tier two bank in customer responsiveness and satisfactory digital experience.

According to the survey, Banking Apps are the topmost preferred digital banking feature, cited by 26% of the respondents, followed by Mobile Banking at 25% and Internet Banking at 11%. Nearly 6 out of 10 bank customers prefer mobile banking with 74% of the respondents citing that most of the banks respond to complaints within two days of a complaint being raised.

“46.7% of respondents preferred fully automated or self-service banking services signifying that the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digitization. As a Bank, we have heavily invested in digitization and automation of services and we are glad to see it when our customers appreciate the efficiency and the experience that automation brings to the banking experience,” said Family Bank Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Mbithi.

Kenya’s answer to the age of adaptation, The Manufacturing Survey

“This recognition is to all our customers whom we seek to provide value, facilitate ease to the access of banking solutions and contribute to expanding financial inclusion in Kenya,” she added.

Nearly all the respondents, 96.2%, expressed their appreciation for the effort banks continued to make to maintain COVID-19 protocols to curb the spread of the disease, without compromising service standards. This was an improved performance, compared to a proportion of 92% in the 2020 Survey.

For customer support, a majority of the respondents, 46.4% preferred human-assisted forms of services such as call centers and branches in comparison to 22.4% who prefer fully automated or self-service interventions such as mobile, internet, and chatbots.

The proportion of Customers living with disabilities remained largely unchanged from the 2020 levels, at 3.6% of all customers. Out of this proportion, nearly eight out of every 10 bank customers (78.1%) classified as people living with disability (PwDs) indicated that they were able to use banking services independently, without any assistance, with 14.35 requiring assistance.

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