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Why Citizen TV’s Swaleh Mdoe was suspended by RMS bosses

Swaleh Mdoe is among the names that cannot be left out of the list of top Swahili presenters at RMS’ Citizen TV. Fresh details are now emerging that the veteran news anchor has been suspended from Live TV.

According to an intelligence source within the media house, Swaleh Mdoe was suspended for missing his 1:00 pm news bulletin on Tuesday, January 23.

Since his indefinite barring, Swaleh has not appeared on air for over 3 weeks.

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The source clarified to a local media house that Swaleh Mdoe had gone for a medical check-up on the day he missed his lunchtime news bulletin. He did this without informing his supervisor.

The journalist’s decision did not sit well with his bosses, with the editorial director making a decision to suspend him. Upon returning to the workplace on the following day, he was summoned and informed of his suspension.

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Allegedly, since his suspension, Mdoe has been reporting to the Dennis Pritt-based Media house as usual. He was the host for Monday night prime time Swahili news at 7:00 pm as well as lunch hour bulletins on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

He has been with Citizen TV since March 2007, when he joined from KTN. His journalism career spans over 33 years, working at various media stations such as Kenya Times, Standard Group, Nation TV, KTN, The Message, Weekly Mail and BBC.

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