Thursday, July 25, 2024

Government exports first batch of teachers for labour in US

The Government of Kenya flagged off the first batch of teachers who had secured job opportunities in the United States.

This came after the State Department of Diaspora Affairs and the Teachers Service Commission agreed on a policy and regulatory framework for teachers’ labour mobility in February 2024.

“In line with the mandate of the State Department of Diaspora Affairs to promote the welfare of the Kenyan diaspora, the recruitment initiative offers comprehensive support during the transition period through pre-departure sessions,” the Department wrote of the exercise.

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The first batch of teachers heading to the US was seen off by Ambassador Isaiya Kabira, the Secretary of Investments and Entrepreneurship.

According to the Diaspora Affairs State Department, more teachers will be sent to different countries soon, after a February 2024 assessment revealed a constantly growing demand for Kenyan teachers both in Africa and beyond.

“This initiative emphasises on the broader impact of labour mobility and Kenya’s position in the global labour market.”


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The Kenya Kwanza administration has also been sending workers to various countries that have signed bilateral labour agreements with Kenya.

On February 3rd 2024, Labour Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore announced that 500 migrant workers were sent to work in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


The batch of teachers sent on July 6th marked the first time Kenya was exporting an entire team for skilled employment. In the past, Kenyans were going abroad as unskilled or semi-skilled workers.

President William Ruto’s plan is for Kenya to export nearly 5,000 skilled and semi-skilled workers each week.

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