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Shock and shame of ‘ugly’ Team Kenya’s ceremonial kit to Olympic Games

Have you seen Team Kenya’s ceremonial kit to the upcoming Olympic Games? The kit has left a sour taste in the mouths of many Kenyans who have been left wondering if this is the best the country could come up with.

The Team Kenya’s ceremonial kit has now become the topic of discussion on social media, particularly on X, where the Ministry of Sports has been widely criticized for settling on poor designs.

“While we are very busy repairing the Kenyan image, some saboteurs, enemies of the people, did this. What in the hideousness is this? Who’s responsible?” posed journalist James Smart.

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“Oh my God! Please tell me those are costumes for a Pantomime and not Kenya’s Official Olympics kits!!!” remarked thespian Ian Mbugua.

The enduring trauma of corruption. Since the scandal of the Rio 2016 Olympics, we decided that our kits will consistently be too ugly to steal, sell or buy. Either way, all the best to team Kenya.

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However, Team Kenya’s ceremonial kit has received a thumbs up from President Ruto. “I am particularly proud of the exercise we went into when I asked Ababu Namwamba (Cabinet Secretary for Sports) that it is not fair for us to buy kit from all manner of places when we have Kenyan talent that can cut and curated an outfit that is truly Kenyan, designed by Kenyans, produced by Kenyans and tailored by Kenyans. I am very proud that we are doing it this time,” said Ruto.

The Olympic Games 2024 will be held in Paris France from Friday July 26 to Sunday August 11, 2024.  Paris is the main host city, with events held at 16 other cities spread across Metropolitan France, plus one subsite in Tahiti—an island within the French overseas country and overseas collectivity of French Polynesia.

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