The cost of rearing Kienyeji chicken in Kenya

Below is the cost estimate prepared by Neo Chicks for raising 100 Improved Kienyeji Chicks up to the time they start laying the eggs. Mostly, they start laying at around 4 to 5 months.

Kindly note that the calculation are based on the current market prices which may vary with time and with your locality. It is also worth noting that the estimates are broadly based on the major expenses and may not include other unpredictable costs. We assume you have a ready structure.

1). 3-day old chicks, vaccinated against Marek’s at Ksh. 100. If you buy 100, you’ll spend Sh. 10,000.

2). Chicks feed on chick mash up to 8th week. On average, the chicks will consume 60 grams per day. Each Kg is ksh. 50.

You will need around Sh. 16,800 to cater for chick mash.

3). You will also need growers mash. They are fed at between the 9th week and 19th week. On average, they consume 90 grams per day. Each Kg is ksh. 35. You will need Sh. 24,255 for this.

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4). You will need to vaccinate your chicks against chicken diseases like Gumboro. You’ll need to vaccinate against: Gumboro 1st dose, Gumboro 2nd dose, Newcastle 1st dose, Newcastle 2nd dose, Fowl typhoid, Deworming, and Vitamins. It will cost you roughly Sh. 2,200 for all these vaccines.

5). You will also need equipments such as feeders and drinkers.

6). Finally, always set a budget for miscellaneous costs such as Sawdust, labour, transport costs etc. You may set a budget of Sh. 8,000 for this.

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