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The Cost of Starting a Water Refilling Business in Kenya

If you are looking to start a business, a water refilling business can be a good idea. This is because water is required for survival but getting clean water at a cheap price is a big challenge in many areas.

Statistics indicate that approximately 40 percent of Kenya’s population lacks access to safe drinking water.

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This means that demand for safe drinking water is and will always be in demand, given the health consciousness among city dwellers.

This means those who try their hands at this sector will always be in business. This article explores what you need and the cost to start a water refilling business.


Items You Need to Start a Water Refilling Business

To start this business, you will need some items which vary in cost depending on capacity and the output rate. The basic items include.

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Water Vending ATM

This is one of the most important items required to start your business. This machine allows you to sell the exact amount of water the customer pays for based on the price set.

It has some PLC units that allow you to key in the price per liter. It calculates the amount of water equivalent to the price keyed in and commands the pump, which releases the water.

The PLC units also record each transaction, meaning you don’t have to worry about cheating if your business is being run by an employee.

A standard 900 liters/hour water vending ATM with digital PLC units ranges between Sh 170,000 and Sh 200,000.

Water Purifier

This is another important machine that you can’t start this business without unless you want to sell purified water. The challenge of selling purified water is that it will cost you more.

A water purifier will allow you to pump the amount of water you need, meaning you will always have enough stock for your customers.

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There are different types of water purifiers at different prices. Reverse osmosis is considered the best due to its efficiency and durability.

A 200 liters/hour reverse osmosis purifier costs about Sh330,000. Some other purifiers cost as low as Sh100,000.


These are used to seal bottles after refilling to prevent spillage during transportation.

Raw Water Storage Tank

You will need a tank for the raw water to avoid running out of stock when demand is high. Make sure you have a reliable water source. A storage tank costs about Sh26,000.

Other items that you will need include business permits and licenses, an operating bench, and wipers. You will also need to include rent and wages if you intend to employ someone.

Before purchasing the items mentioned above, it’s advised first to study the water you will be receiving from your supplier.

This will help you to determine the composition of total dissolved solids (TDS) and other impurities in your water, such as fluoride, so that you can purchase the appropriate machine.

With all these items, it’s time to get started. Look for a strategic location to set up your business, and remember to ensure a high level of cleanliness to prevent contaminations.

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