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List of most profitable small businesses to start in Kenya

Have you ever wondered which are the most profitable businesses in Kenya that you can start? Are you interested to start a business in Kenya but you have no idea how to see your dream come true? Then you are in the right place.
There are a lot of factors to consider before you start a business in Kenya. Find out if your business idea is viable, whether you have the personality it takes to be successful, and how to draw up a basic start-up business plan.

A Business Plan/Guide is an essential road map for the most profitable businesses to start in Kenya.

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This living document generally projects years ahead and outlines the route a company or individual intends to take to grow revenues.

Here is a list of the most profitable businesses to start in Kenya:

  1. M-pesa Sub Agent Business in Kenya
  2. Executive Barber Shop Business in Kenya
  3. Movie Shop Business in Kenya
  4. Chapati Wholesale Business in Kenya
  5. Smokies & Egg Vending Business in Kenya
  6. Flowers Business in Kenya
  7. Greenhouse Tomatoes Business in Kenya
  8. Chicken Butchery Business in Kenya
  9. Boda Boda Business in Kenya
  10. Milk Distributorship Business in Kenya
  11. Gift Service Business in Kenya
  12. Wines and Spirits Retail Business in Kenya
  13. Tents & Chairs Leasing Business in Kenya
  14. Free Advertiser Magazine Business in Kenya
  15. Bookshop Business in Kenya
  16. Bottled Water Business in Kenya
  17. Hair Salon Business in Kenya
  18. Fruit / Juice Parlor Business in Kenya
  19. Slot Machines Business in Kenya
  20. Chips & Chicken Cafe Business in Kenya
  21. Keg Bar Business in Kenya
  22. Selling Cookies Business in Kenya
  23. Daycare Business in Kenya
  24. Gas (LPG) Retail Business in Kenya
  25. Motorcycle Spare Parts Business in Kenya
  26. Ice Lollies Making Business in Kenya
  27. Paint Mixing Business in Kenya
  28. Second Hand Novels Business in Kenya
  29. Car Wash Business in Kenya
  30. Ice Lollies Making Business in Kenya
  31. Petrol Station Business in Kenya
  32. Courier Business in Kenya
  33. Chemist Retail Business in Kenya
  34. Timber Yard Business in Kenya
  35. Sifted Maize Flour Mill Business in Kenya
  36. Local Bar Business in Kenya
  37. Beef Butchery Business in Kenya
  38. Laundry Business in Kenya
  39. Selling Cake Boxes Business in Kenya
  40. Mitumba Clothes Business in Kenya
  41. Agrovet Business in Kenya
  42. Pork butchery and Eatery Business in Kenya
  43. Cosmetics Business in Kenya
  44. Gym Business in Kenya

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  1. A great article. Research is also a cost to the business which most young people do not want to get involved. Say like for the ideas you have listed one has to make a good research to make hay from the grass. Readers should take the challenge and reap great fruits from the hard work required instead of depending on white collar jobs only.


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