Why KTN refused to show ‘The Profiteers’ looting story

The Profiteers: Yesterday, KTN was scheduled to a run a story dubbed The Profiteers. This story was done by investigative journalist John Allan Namu.

However, despite running a trailer throughout the week, the broadcast of the story was suspended indefinitely just as the story was about to go on air.

Apparently, the story claims that those plundering South Sudan’s resources, among them former General Paul Malong, are being protected by Kenya’s military. It further says that some Kenyan banks are complicit in the looting and transferring of cash.

According to Mr. Namu, KTN wanted some parts in the expose edited, unless an individual who was adversely mentioned was contacted. But  Namu said that they had tried to do so numerous times without success.

“They were largely happy with the story, but wanted to remove certain parts of it as they sought comment from an adversely mentioned person. We disagreed, given that we had already sought fair comment from this person. So we differ with the decision by @KTNNews to hold the story, but we respect it. They have their platform, and we have ours. We feel that we have met the threshold for it to be seen by the public, and for the public to judge it on its own merit,” he tweeted.

“According to Namu, four months before Malong was sacked by President Salva Kiir for refusing access to peacekeepers to conflict in his country in 2016, he was hospitalised at a Nairobi hospital. Among those who visited him were President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto. He also links the killing of businesswoman Monica Kimani to huge amounts of cash she had accumulated while in South Sudan,” a local media news site further reports.

The story exposed the lavish lifestyles of South Sudanese leaders funded by illegal dealings reportedly transacted through Kenyan banks.

Namu posed as a Kenyan businessman interested in importing 20 trucks of teak wood from South Sudan. In the process, he captures a government official on tape asking him for a bribe amounting to thousands of US dollars.

The journalist also detailed bank transactions of government officials amounting to thousands of US dollars that were way above their annual pay.

You can watch the exposé here:


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