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The countries that are least populated in the world are often also some of the most isolated. A majority of them are small islands that are expensive.Most of them are also inconvenient to reach. This is due to the most common conventional means of travel to them is via a private plane or ship. Therefore, fewer people tend to visit or migrate to these locales. There are also countries that are located in places with very harsh weather conditions that do not appeal to many people. Most of the Islands in the West Indies and the Caribbean have very small populations because of the small sizes of their landmasses. They can therefore only accommodate a small number of people because of limited space resources. Here is a look at the top 5 of those countries.

1.Vatican City (451)

Vatican CityVatican city is shockingly populated  populated with less than 500 people.It is the world’s smallest country in both population and in terms of total square miles. Vatican city boast of a population of approximately 850 total people. The entire country is the size of less than half of a square kilometer. This epicenter of Christian theology, the Vatican is one of the most famous and controversial nations in human history.

2.Tuvalu (9,893)

This small country gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1978. Tuvalu is the second smallest country in the world in terms of population size. It has people less than 10,000 in its entire population. Tuvalu is located to the east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean, close to Fiji.


3.Palau (21,097)

Palau has a population of just over 20,000 people. its  is one of the world’s four smallest countries with over 175 square miles of land area. Moreover, Palau is larger than many other countries that feature on this list. Located on a tiny island just east of the Philippines, Palau is an isolated nation in the heart of the Pacific Ocean

4.The Republic of San Marino (31,595)

With a population of less than 35000 people, this country is exceptionally tiny, boasting an area of just 24 square miles total. The country is a small area surrounded by Italy in Southern Europe. It also relies a great deal on tourism to stimulate its economy. A great vacation spot for any tourist, this tiny European destination is a hotspot for travelers the world over.

 5.Liechtenstein (37,286)

With a population of less than 40,000, the whole country is less than 63 square miles in size, making it quite a tiny nation. The country is bordered by Switzerland and located in Central Europe. An interesting fact of note is that it is the richest German-speaking country in the entire world.

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