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New survey lists top land selling companies in Kenya today. See the top 10

A survey by market research consultant firm Politrack Africa has established the top 35 land selling companies in Kenya. Land selling companies that made the cut include AMCCO Properties, Optiven, Fanaka, AMG, Username, and Hyssop.

Politrack, which specializes in socio-political and economic data analytics and trends use three main parameters to come up with the most highly reputable firms in Kenya’s real estate. These parameters included customer satisfaction, project completion rates, and market reputation.

“On customer satisfaction, we gauged the experiences of clients throughout the buying or selling process. On projection completion, we analyzed each company’s track record in delivery of projects within the stated timelines and budgets,” the market researcher stated.

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“On market reputation, we evaluated each company’s standing and influence within the sector.”

Speaking to Bizna Kenya after the release of the research findings, AMCCO Properties chief executive officer James Muturi said that the recognition of his firm is a vindication on the value the business has injected into the real estate sector.

“Land is an emotive transaction in Kenya and we have seen many unsuspecting buyers lose money in shady land selling deals. This is something that we have been keen to change by offering value, customer satisfaction, and actionable reassurance to any Kenyan who wants to own a plot for residential or commercial purposes,” he said.


New survey lists top land selling companies in Kenya today. See the top 10
The list of the top 10 land selling companies in Kenya today.

His company, AMCCO Properties, specializes in plots within the Nairobi Metropolis, specifically Kikuyu, Gikambura, Thigio and Kamangu areas.

“We have been an influence to the growth of the new Ndeiya Sub County. This is the new Nairobi Bedroom, the vast lands of Kamangu  and Thigio, formerly graze lands have mutated to serene environments for people to settle and build their homes. Join us as we secure your investment journey, within Nairobi,” he said.

Other companies that made the top ten in the list of the top 35 land selling companies were Maono Lands Limited, Finsco Africa, Mawega, and TopCare Lands Investment Limited.


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