Trans-Nzoia county government  has taken a major step in ensuring all roads within Kitale town are in good shape.

Towards the end of last year, the county government of Nzoia asked the national government to allow it to renovate some roads within the town that was under Kenya National Highway  authority Kenha.

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Trans-Nzoia governor Patrick Khaemba had on several occasions  asked the national government  to allow his government to renovate key roads in town in order to open businesses to some of the already damaged roads.

Major streets in town especialy where hardware  are located were in bad shape and needed urgent attention. Other roads linking the town to other places were also in bad shape. On speaking  to Bizna Kenya residents of Trans-Nzoia expressed  there happiness towards new state of streets in town.

we are delighted by what the county government  has done to ensure this roads are in good shape.  Motorists  were getting it rough using some streets in town. We also want  to urge the governor to complete other major projects like the stage so that more business can be opened up for the benefit of residents” resident identified as Bitok said

There has been conflict of interest between the county government and the Kenha about some roads in Kitale town. Some of the roads that links major streets in town are under the responsibility of Kenha a national highway body that is mandated to constructing and maintaining highway.

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Last month the deputy president on his visit to Kitale announced that they have reached an agreement allowing governor Khaemba’s government  to take renovation on some roads in town.

It should be remembered  that face four of Kitale-Lodwar Highway will pass within Kitale town.  Face two of this road was recently  launched in kisumu by His excellency president  Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga

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