Where to buy goods at huge discounts

Where to buy goods at huge discounts: The December festive season comes with lots of good cheer as the sands of time signal the end of a calendar year. In any case, the December holidays are a time that many look forward to after 12 months of toiling. December 2018 was no exception. Almost everywhere you turned, especially in the last half of the month, there seemed to be a celebration going on.

From office parties to family get-togethers, the aroma of tasty food and expensive drinks wafting out of homes and parties, and the savouring of sun and sand in holiday destinations were in plenty. Add shopping and travel to the equation and the feel-good atmosphere was in full flow. One of the ripple effects was that many people found it difficult to stay healthy, with an array of temptations throwing them off track health wise and financially.

Dreaded January

Now we are in January. Many people have been jolted back to reality after overspending and overeating in December. To make matters worse, many people are financially drained, after inviting their salaries to the December reverie. But January and its scorching sun have not made things any easier to bear. This is the month that almost everyone is rushing to foot pending bills, pay schools fees, and generally face the stark reality of the financial cliff they tipped over last month.

Worse still, the economy has not been too good over the past few years. For example, on January 8, 2018, more than 22 auctioneers placed announcements in a local daily inviting bidders to participate in public sales across 20 counties. The items being sold at bargains included agricultural, residential, and commercial land, shops, hotels, saloon cars, buses, lorries, trucks, and matatus. Household items were not spared either.


This scenario is not any different this year. Nearly Kenyans is at the end of their tether in the battle to surviving January. But as doom as January comes, there are ways that Kenyans can beat the struggles of this dreaded month and stock up their homes or buy their dream goods and services at prices that don’t dent their pockets.

The Jumia solution

One of the most efficient and cost friendly ways is to shop through the Jumia Kenya online platform. Take shopping for vegetables and fresh produce. Traditionally, Kenyans have been visiting markets to search and buy for their produce. Oftentimes, this has been done on the sidelines of demanding businesses and jobs.

At times, the few hours cut off from the businesses and jobs to shop for produce will cost more money at a time when there is none to spare. But Jumia has a solution. Last year, the leading online retailer in Kenya launched a new service that allows customers to order and receive fresh produce within hours.

The service dubbed Jumia Fresh will save you time and the arduous task of going to fresh produce markets on the fringes of Nairobi like Kangemi, Kawangware or Jogoo Road to get your vegetables and fruits.


In the same vein, Jumia has slashed its delivery prices to ensure that your shopping is as affordable as possible. Currently, you only pay Sh. 100 for delivery within Nairobi down from Sh. 250. According to Jumia, price reduction is aimed at making it cost effective for customers to buy fast moving consumer goods. “We hope by reducing the delivery fee to Sh. 100, our customers can now buy their everyday essentials and other small items without extra strain on their budget whilst saving more with Jumia,” said Jumia MD Sam Chappatte.

Product Guarantee

Also, Jumia has been running a free 3month-guarantee on products valued at Sh. 1,500 to ensure that customers get value and quality for each coin they spend buying on the platform.

These come in the wake of Jumia’s latest campaign which is enabling Kenyans to stock up their shelves with over 500 goods that are being sold at below Sh. 500. Interestingly, these goods are being sold at half their original prices. “As more people continue to embrace online shopping for their day-to-day home supplies, we are working towards encouraging shoppers to stock up their shopping and beat the Njaanuary blues by offering goods and services that do not dent their already strained pockets,” says Jumia.

Jumia Vouchers

Jumia is also offering over 1,000 vouchers to Kenyans who shop through their mobile app. The vouchers offer additional discounts of over Sh. 2,000. “We are giving up to 15 per cent discounts on the already discounted items to shoppers who buy via our mobile app,” says Jumia. Currently, the Jumia App is the leading app in Kenya.


On top of the vouchers, Jumia is offering over 50 Flash Sales and refunds of up to 10 times on goods that sell under the ‘Best Price Guarantee’ category. Previous Jumia Flash Sales have enabled Kenyans to buy goods at over 99 per cent discounts. For example, last year, over 10,000 Kenyans bought maize flour at Sh. 1.

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