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Trevor Ombija: From working as matatu tout in Nyakach to top Citizen TV presenter

Trevor Ombija is a well-known media personality in Kenya. His rapid rise in the field is primarily attributed to his presentation skills and husky resonant voice while interviewing people on Citizen TV’s Monday Special News Report.

Dressed in three-piece suits and more commonly seen in half-coats on live camera, little is in the public domain about the life of the veteran news reporter.

The journalist worked at NMG’s Nation TV (NTV) before making the switch to Citizen TV, where his star shone brightly. He was raised in a modest home, with his father working in the village as a teacher.

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Trevor Ombija attended Anding’o Opanga Secondary School in the Nyanza region before enrolling at the University of Nairobi for a degree in Journalism.

In an exclusive interview, the TV personality disclosed that he worked as a matatu conductor in Nyakach for many years before he decided to chase his journalism passion.

“I used to be a matatu conductor in that area (Nyakach) for a long time,” he said.


Trevor maintained that he still has a tight relationship with the bodaboda guys and matatu drivers around that area.

While studying at UoN, his finesse earned him popularity at the China Global Television Network (CGTN). They listed him as an intern desktop manager.

Later, he went on to work with NMG at Nation FM before NTV duty called. He then moved to Citizen TV to replace ex-news anchor Joey Muthengi.


“Everything that has a beginning has an end. It’s time to go and swim with the sharks. Yes, it is true. I don’t know how it leaked and tomorrow is my last day at NTV,” he was quoted by The Standard.

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At Citizen TV, he is the main man on Monday’s Report which seeks to empower people by giving them the chance to ask their leaders and persons of interest questions as well as know them.

He also hosts the morning show Day Break which covers a range of topics from politics, business and social affairs.

In an interview with a local media house, Trevor revealed that the most challenging person he has ever interviewed was Miguna Miguna. Prior to interviews, he does his research on interviewees.

“The most difficult person I’ve interviewed is Miguna Miguna as he is very arrogant and he will tell you things that are borderline condescending on live TV. Police Spokesperson Charles Owino (former) can be very rough and he is the kind who questions you when you pose a question,” he said at the time.

In a recent revelation, the news anchor revealed that he has no political ambitions whatsoever that would make him leave his glorious career to run for the Nyakach parliamentary seat.

He clarified that his recent charitable activities in his home area were motivated by gratitude rather than political aspirations. He gives back to his community through The Trevor Ombija Foundation; charity begins at home.

‘Not everything is about politics…I am only giving back to society through my Foundation because it is those same people of Nyakach who made me who I am today,” he asserted.

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