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Tyre Farming: How you can make use of old tyres on your farm

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Tyre Farming: Tyres, once past their prime they are a major nuisance. You might have a number of old tyres on your farm but how can you make use of them?

This a challenge most people face, even disposing them is not an easy task. Landfills either refuse to take tires or increase their charges on tires. Larger tractor tires are most rejected by landfills, leaving the farmers to deal will that challenge on their own.

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However, there are simple great ways to make use of old tires on your farm, some of them being:

 Turning the tires inside out and using them for feed bunks. The advantage of using tires as feed bunks is that they don’t have sharp edges, hence cattle cannot be harmed while feeding or while wrestling with each other for food.

Also a tire made feed bunk can hold a limited number of cattle feed thus avoiding wasted of cattle feed. Tires can also be used to hold drinking water for livestock.

Tyre Farming: How you can make use of old tyres on your farm

Tyre Farming
Old tires can also help a farmer in raising a garden.  Rear tractor tires can be used to make raised-bed gardens. This really helps on the bending over for weed control or picking.

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Although not used for row crops like sweet corn or potatoes, but for most other plants, it works well. Especially peppers, eggplant, even pumpkins and watermelon. The vine types outgrow the tire, but they do fine during early growth.

Tyre Farming: How you can make use of old tyres on your farm

Tires past their prime can also be used to control soil erosion. Although this may require more than just strategically placing them, it sure is a good way to minimize erosion on your farm. However, placing them in ditches may require pinning them down so that they don’t wash away.

Tyre Farming

Tyre Farming
Old tires can as well be used as seed beds for planting various seedls before seedlings are harvested and planted on the farm. Enough soil and manure/fertilizer is placed in the tires then seeds planted. Remember to water the seedling as they grow in the tires before they are transplanted to the farm.

Tyre Farming: How you can make use of old tyres on your farm

 You can as well use old tires as vegetable garden to plant vegetables e.g. kales, cabbages, Spinach, carrots etc.

Tyre Farming

As a farmer, you can make use old tires on your farm in any of the ways above. Tyre Farming.


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