Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Salary, allowances, benefits Uhuru will be getting monthly as ex-president

Outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta will enjoy highly lucrative salary, allowance and benefits during his retirement.

Figures show that after leaving the presidency, Uhuru will be getting a monthly salary of Sh. 1,115,000 as pension.

After leaving office he will also be paid Sh. 72 million in gratuity for time served as president.

As ex-president, Uhuru will also be entitled to house allowance amounting to Sh. 332,063 per month. This will be accompanied by fuel allowance of Sh. 216,563 per month.

For his entertainment, the president will get another Sh. 216,563 every month. His lump sum pension will amount to Sh. 34.7 million.

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On top of these perks, Uhuru will also get four high end cars that will include 2 limousines. These vehicles will be replaceable every four years.

He will get 2 personal secretaries and 4 secretaries in total. He will also get 4 messages and a full medical cover. Uhuru will also be entitled to four bodyguards and a fully furnished office.

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