The following simple guidelines can help in improving employee productivity:


Skilled employees can carry out their tasks professionally and effectively, thus increasing the quality and quantity of the company’s output. An employer may engage employees in short term or long term training in their various fields. This will minimize employment of unskilled labor force which may lead to low productivity from such employees.

Employee motivation

Motivation of employees for work well done is a great way to increase their productivity. Employer recognition of employee achievement is a great way to encourage them to continue working hard.

Employees could be taken out for retreats and vacations or be given gift cards or shopping vouchers to congratulate them for their hard work and job well done.

Match assigned task to skill

The manager should ensure each task is assigned to individuals with sufficient skills for that particular kind of task. This will increase productivity since everyone is assigned a duty which they are perfect at doing.


Delegation makes employees able to do various tasks other than that which they were hired to do. Assigning of senior duties to junior employees gives them confidence and motivation to always do better. Delegation also gives a single employee ability to handle various tasks in business.

Set goals

Setting goals ensures the business has a sense of direction. This makes employee aware that they have goals to achieve and work towards achieving such goals. Lack of set goals for a business encourages laziness in workers since they fail to be aware of what they/the business is supposed to achieve.

Adoption of the above techniques can be a great way of increasing employee productivity.

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