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Government orders universities to recall all 2024 admission letters

The National Assembly Education Committee has directed the Ministry of Education to order the retraction of admission letters issued to students joining the university this year.

This is after fee discrepancies were noted in the admission letters the institutions issued to learners.

It is alleged that in the admission letters, the Education Ministry imposed the full amount of school fees on students without considering the categories under the new funding model, a move the legislators say could discourage learners from undertaking some courses.

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“We are being given information that students are being forced to choose university courses they can afford under the new model rather than what they qualified for because of the money involved.

Where are these 47,000 students, why are they scared because of the proformas that were given to them?” Education Committee Oyugi Maungu posed.

How you will henceforth be paying for KUCCPS services


The new funding model introduced by the government in May 2023 aims to provide free education to Universities and college students facing financial difficulties.

Under this model, the students are categorized as vulnerable, extremely needy, needy, and less needy. The vulnerable and extremely needy students would receive 100 percent funding, while the needy and less needy would get 93 percent.

The lawmakers now want the universities to indicate the fees expected at the household level rather than the entire amount, including the funding from the government.


The decision was reached amid uproar from various stakeholders, including parents and even students, regarding the amounts displayed on the calling letters.

On its part, the Education Ministry acknowledged the mistake, faulting the lack of adequate information for the gaps.

“We have the whole submission of appeals and we acknowledge there are some gaps in this process. Some of them are caused by not getting appropriate information, and that is why in the appeals process, we try to engage the students to provide enough information to help us assess their status.” a Ministry official told the committee.

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