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14 Kenyans become millionaires after striking SportPesa jackpot bonus

Love was truly in the air for SportPesa enthusiasts as 14 fortunate punters struck gold in the SportPesa jackpot bonus wins last week, marking a memorable Valentine’s celebration for these lucky winners.

Among the recipients was Paul Mwasya from Makueni County, a devoted family man with a wife and three children, who walked away with an impressive 2,295,125 shillings by accurately predicting 12 out of 13 matches in the SportPesa Midweek Jackpot, narrowly missing out on the grand prize of 25,042,835 shillings.

Mwasya, currently a mechanic whose livelihood revolves around the car trade, expressed his excitement and plans to transform his life with the newfound fortune, stating, “I aspire to kick-start a business and build a modest home for my family.”

In addition to Mwasya’s success story, thirteen others who came tantalizingly close to clinching SportPesa’s all-time high Mega Jackpot, standing at 349,893,489 shillings, were also inducted into the company’s fast-growing club of millionaires, adding to the Valentine’s cheer.

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With a total of 24,058,101 shillings distributed among the new millionaires, the festivities began with a luxurious limousine ride around Nairobi, culminating in a celebratory luncheon, providing a glimpse into the transformed lives that awaited them with their winnings.

Reflecting on his win, Pancras, who celebrated his 2,079,702 shillings triumph alongside his fiancé, remarked, “That was so close. I have a renewed hope that I could take home this SportPesa Mega Jackpot that now stands at over 351 million. Should I be the lucky winner, I will establish a telecommunications business and dedicate a portion to the church as tithe.”

SportPesa continues to solidify its position as the leading betting company in Kenya, offering the most lucrative products for punters, including jackpots, whose past winners remain the highest so far in the country.

As anticipation builds, this week’s SportPesa Mega Jackpot is set to kick off on Saturday, February 17 at 6:00 p.m., promising an astonishing 351,066,369 shillings, along with healthy bonuses for participants who accurately predict the outcomes of 12 out of the 17 matches available on the weekly set of matches.

Join the winning streak and be part of the excitement with SportPesa Kenya today!

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