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Viscount K’Owuor: Kenya losing economic progress in name of protecting ‘Kikuyu businesses’

To be honest, protecting Kikuyu businesses has cost us a lot in Kenya.  We have refused to think broadly in many sectors , just because by thinking broadly, one community will suffer.

Decongest Nairobi.  You want to render Kikuyu landlords and businesses poor.  Improve public transport . You want to kill Kikuyu businesses.

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Even this China Square thing is all about protecting the Kikuyu.  Don’t pretend otherwise.  It is the same Kikuyu that if you appoint to manage a public institution, he thinks ploti maguta maguta.

It is a historical fact , majority of the  institutions and organizations in Kenya have collapsed in the hands of the Kikuyu. Followed by Kalenjins – very poor managers.  This is not tribalism. It is a verifiable fact.


Moses Kuria to shut down China Square over cheap products, too many customers

The trend had been this ; you give a Kikuyu a job , he steals from the organization , he starts a business and then uses Kikuyu politicians to hijack government policies to suit business interests.  State Capture.

Look at the extension of Thika Super Highway on one side and the neglect of Mombasa road  on the side , for example.   Or let me challenge us to list down all bodies that have collapsed since independence and see who were involved.

If we took the interest of this country at heart from independence Kenya would have seen unprecedented development and prosperity.   Until we face such weaknesses of character, we won’t go far as a country.

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