Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Wamatangi, Muratha, Karungo Thang’wa win in Kiambu

Kimani Wamatangi has been declared as the new Kiambu Govenor-elect. This is after winning the Kiambu County Governor seat.

Wamatangi managed to garner 348,371 votes. He vied for the seat on a UDA party ticket. He faced off against Patrick Wainaina aka Wainaina wa Jungle, William Kabogo, Moses Kuria and James Nyoro.

Wa Jungle came on second with 237,361 votes. Former Governor, Kabogo came in third with 106,980 votes while Moses Kuria got 24,512 votes.

Current Governor James Nyoro garnered 99,562 votes. Nyoro assumed the Kiambu County Governor seat following the impeachment of disgraced Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

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In other prominent races in the county, Anne Muratha was declared the winner of the Woman Rep position. She defeated Mercy Nungari.

In the Senatorial race, Karungo Thang’wa was declared the winner. Muratha and Thang’wa vied for their positions under the UDA party.

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