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Why you should never be tempted to file asylum in the US

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A Kenyan living in the US has warned other Kenyans immigrating to the US on a Visa against seeking asylum.

In a video uploaded on his TikTok account, the man under the username thekenyanamericanhome revealed that most new Kenyan immigrants to the US are misled by people to seek asylum, unaware of the impending sufferings.

”If you are new in the US, you will notice most people, including your host, rushing you to file an asylum. They will never tell you about the struggles and sufferings asylum seekers undergo and that’s our toxicity as Kenyans,’’ he said.

More than 28,000 failed asylum claimants awaiting deportation from Canada

The Tiktoker noted that the situation in the asylums is so depressing, adding that people spend up to nine years without coming into contact with their families and loved ones.

”Some people wish to just leave to visit their families but they can’t because they have already signed that their lives back home are in danger.  The only thing asylum will help you with is getting a work permit,’’ he said.

However, he noted that getting a work permit takes time, as the whole process from application to issuance takes 6 months.

He advised Kenyans seeking stay in the US to look for better options that guarantee freedom warning that filing asylum is like digging own grave.


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