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A frumpy woman dropped a staggering 10 dress sizes in time for her second wedding – after her first husband had called her “fat and ugly”.

Stunning Liz Kerslake might now be rocking an athletic eight and a half stone body but, only two years ago, she tipped the scales at a bloated 13 stone eight pounds.

During her first marriage, Liz, a new home saleswoman from Plymouth, Devon, became comfortable and piled on the pounds.

Having always been a bigger woman, the 39-year-old was initially spurred on to lose weight when her husband told her she was “fat and ugly”.


Fat Liz


After rigorous calorie-counting and successfully dropping four stone, she left her man behind, and during her divorce in 2008, met her second husband, Nick.

As their relationship blossomed, 5ft 6in Liz stopped going to the gym and the weight piled on again. Ahead of their wedding last summer, she was determined to get rid of her belly and fit into her sleek white gown.

A newly svelte Liz said: “I was determined to look the best on mine and Nick’s big day.

“When we got together I’d been hitting the gym four or five times a week.

“I felt really comfortable and stopped exercising but carried on eating the same.

“The weight piled back on and I was worried I would look bloated on my wedding day.”

In a desperate attempt to shed the inches, Liz signed up to the National Slimming & Cosmetic Clinics weight loss plan.


Liz Kerlsake

She had heard about her local clinic in Plymouth from a male friend who had lost two stone and looked “incredible”.

Liz said: “The final push to really do something about my weight came when Nick proposed. “We set the date for the summer of 2014 and that gave me a goal.

“Within the first week of signing up with NSC I saw results. “As soon as I could see a difference in the way I looked I was looking for reasons to stay on track.

“Before then I had always looked for an excuse to fall off the wagon.”

As part of the NSCC plan, Liz visited the clinic every two weeks and met with the manager Karina where they discussed her goals and diet. Due to the demands of her work, Liz very rarely finds time to make it to the gym during the week, but mixed her healthier diet with walking her Chihuahua, Roxy, for up to an hour a day.

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