Thursday, November 30, 2023

12 things you didn’t know about Qatar which is size of Baringo

Qatar has grabbed global headlines. The tiny middle east nation won the 2022 World Cup rights and not too many people were pleased.

A lot has been said about Qatar, particularly on its human rights record. But there’s so much to Qatar than the World Cup controversies. Kenya  data analyst Ezekiel K. Samuel listed on his social platform very interesting things that not too many people know about Qatar. Here’s what Samuel said:

1). Qatar is a country in the Arabian Peninsula and by land size it measures 11,581 sq.kms (that’s nearly the same size as Baringo County in Kenya)

2). The country’s estimated population is 2.9 Million (nearly the same size with Kiambu’s 2022 estimated population).

3). Qatar has the highest male:female sex ratio in the world estimated as 300:100; that is, for every 3 men, there is 1 female. Or, only about 25% of the Qatar population is female

4). Of the above population, only about 400,000 people (or 14%) are Qatari’s Citizen, with the rest (86%) being expatriates

5). Qatar’s population has grown exponentially in the past 70 years, increasing from roughly 50,000 people to the current estimate

6). Qatar 2022 GDP is estimated as 220 Billion USD (nearly double Kenya’s GDP), and has a per capita of 82,000 USD (nearly 41 times Kenya’s estimate).

7). Qatar’s 2022 GDP per Capita is ranked 5th Globally, and the country has a HDI of 0.855 again amongst the highest in the World

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8). Qatar economy is mainly driven by the Petroleum and Natural Gas; both sectors contributing nearly 60% to the GDP and nearly 80% of the exports.

9). In recent years, Qatar economy is also tapping into other upcoming sectors such as tourism, financial and transportation

10). Qatar’s life expectancy is 81 years, and less than 0.1% of the population live below poverty line and has a literacy rate of slightly about 95%

11). Qatar is the world’s 2nd flattest country just behind Maldives. Qatar is also the world’s second safest country by crime rate

12). Qatar has been recording a positive trade of balance since 2004, meaning that their exports are more than imports.





















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