Saturday, September 23, 2023

22-Year-Old Invents Shoe That Plays Music, Has Flashlight

A 22-year-old man from Kisumu county has unveiled a unique shoe with special features, including an inbuilt music player and a torch, among others.

The innovative footwear is designed with advanced technology allowing users to enjoy a fantastic foot massage while walking or standing. It uses vibrators to massage, helping people with legs problem, as vibrators fix veins and help with blood flow.

“The Soles has a built-in speaker and a massage function. It has a current flow screen, which prevents cables from touching each other and prevents the feet from being burnt. The music control system can pause, play next or play and you can use a USB,” he explained.

Additionally, it has a torch that helps the user to see clearly while walking at night.  It also has an AC to cool the feet and prevent sweating, which causes feet to smell bad.

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The footwear can be used in both dry and rainy seasons. According to the electronic graduate, the technology can only be applied to sports shoes as they have enough space, unlike sandals.

He revealed he started his innovation while still in high school using materials from mobile phone manufacturers. The lack of raw materials is the biggest challenge he has encountered in his journey.

He believes through support from the government and investors, his innovation can create jobs for thousands of youths in the country. He is seeking funding to mass produce the footwear.

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