Looking at Kenya’s marketing landscape, businesses were once focused on traditional methods of marketing media, such as TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, and banner advertisements.

Today, nearly 22% of media marketing is digital as spending on internet advertising is expected to increase to 15 million.

One of the biggest drives behind the growth of digital marketing is pure measurability. Data-driven insights from digital marketing tools provide users with a real-time insight of your ROI.

In fact, such results that were deemed nearly impossible with traditional marketing are now made easy with digital strategies. When done right, digital marketing can provide serious benefits for a company’s investment.

1. Value of Content

Creating a website for your business is the most essential step when establishing an online presence.

Today, over 60% of digital marketers plan to invest in making videos for their branding strategies, using platforms like Vimeo, Vine, and YouTube.

In fact, a recent report by Price Waterhouse Coopers claims that Kenya is the favorite country in the continent to invest in. After all, behind every thriving business is an optimized website, and within every successful website are pages of quality content.

2. Video Marketing

Growing in popularity, watching videos account for 25% of all smartphone activity in the country, according to Google’s Consumer Barometer.

Through video content, this will help optimize the conversion rate of the site and gain traffic. As such, knowing how to adapt your content to new methods of views will be the key to customer engagement.

Not to mention, Kenya’s extensive mobile and internet access also mean that citizens have a higher degree of exposure to news, services, and goods.

3. Using Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to grow an audience, engage with customers, and increase the overall brand awareness in your target market.

The majority of internet access is through mobile usage. In fact, an estimated 5 million people use their smartphones for web surfing, according to the mobile service provider, Safaricom.

The mobile revolution is driving all digital media consumption, especially social media. As Kenyan companies are quickly discovering the demands of their target market, they must also work toward incorporating digital marketing methods if they want to keep up with the evolving trends in technology.

4. Build High-Quality Links from Local Sites

Google thrives for high-quality relevant links. Having great links will build authority and credibility of your business site on the search engine, rewarding you with higher rankings.

Businesses looking to build links can find them on local community sites and organizations. In addition, you can consider taking action by turning your contributions into resources in return.

If you’re looking to become part of the growing revolution that’s happening in Kenya, check out these digital strategies to help grow and market your business. Not only will it open doors to new markets but also grow the success of your brand.

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