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9 Reasons Why Your Shop is Not Selling

By Benson Bundi

Reasons Why Your Shop is Not Selling: If you are not getting enough customers in your business, it could be due to the following nine reasons

Your Products Are too Expensive

If your customers realize they can purchase the products cheaper elsewhere, you might lose most of them. You can remedy this by slashing your prices or sourcing your stock at a lower price. If you can’t compete on price, focus on offering the best services and customer experience.

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Your Products are Outdated

Customers might be avoiding your shop because you are selling outdated products. For instance, if you run a clothes shop, the clothes you sell might be out of fashion. In that case, you’ll need to start selling new products and eliminating outdated ones. Evolution is crucial to the longevity of any business.

Wrong location

If customers are unaware that your shop exists, they will not buy from you. Use clear signage with the right directions to help customers find your shop. You can also place banners around your shop for easy identification.


How to Keep Customers Loyal

It’s also a good idea to establish your shop in a business centre, rather than the outskirts, so you can benefit from marketing by other competitors. Finally, you can list your business on Google Maps for easy reach by customers.

Bad Reputation

Overcharging customers, poor quality products, lousy customer service,  and late deliveries will make you lose customers. As a business, your reputation is vital. Ensure you and your employees are courteous and friendly to customers. This includes treating them respectfully, especially when they try to bargain.


You are offering the same products as other shops

Customers might not come to your shop when you sell the same thing as your competitors. Therefore, you need to look for ways to differentiate your shop from others in town. You can do this by offering better prices, more payment options than your competitors, and superb customer service.

No discounts or offers

If your competitors offer discounts, customers will flock to their shops. People like going to places where they have hopes of saving money. If you’re looking to attract customers, consider offering discounts.

You can also try rewarding loyal customers, offering special discounts during holidays, offering discounts to elderly or disabled people, etc. Not only will this boost your shop’s reputation, but it will also attract and keep new customers.

You are the only shop in an area

Contrary to popular belief, standing alone will not always draw more customers to your location. If someone is shopping for clothes, they might prefer a place where they can compare the prices of different clothes in the afternoon.

Customers prefer a market where they can visit dozens of sellers in a day. You can consider moving your shop to a busy shopping centre where you can also benefit from competitor marketing.

Poor Marketing

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Not promoting your business could be the reason you are not attracting customers. If you don’t promote your business correctly, you might not reach enough customers. You can use online marketing, advertising, and other promotional tactics to reach new customers.

Your shop is not clean or well  maintained

This is especially important if you are selling food-related products. In that case, hygiene is key to retaining customers. If your shop needs a facelift, be sure to do it. If dirt is on the floor, it should be cleaned before customers come in. If you own a hotel, ensure there are no food spills on the table or floor.


Customers don’t care about your business. All they care about is getting the right value for their money. Find ways to give them value and satisfaction, and they will flock to your shop.

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