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 Ideal and affordable places to live in Nairobi with Sh. 40,000 salary

By Jane Muia

Choosing where to live in Nairobi is a huge decision one must make without haste. This impacts how comfortable you feel in your surroundings and your relocation’s success.

As such, there are various factors one needs to consider when looking for a house in Nairobi. This includes security, accessibility, social amenities, and, most importantly, the cost. Rent is undoubtedly the key factor people consider looking for a house. This is because people want to live where they can afford it.

However, some people spend more on rent than on other important needs. According to research done by a local daily, Kenyans spend up to 40% of their household income on rent.

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This is against the 30% budgetary allocation on rent recommended by the United Nations. The high spending is attributable to a number of factors, such as a lack of knowledge of the entire market, a search for a posh address, and a blatant lack of healthy financial skills.

This leads one to live outside their budget, which could impact their financial future. To avoid this, people need to live within their budget. So which areas are ideal for living in Nairobi with a salary of Ksh.40,000 and below?


Located along Thika road, Kasarani serves as a perfect start-up point, especially for the young population just starting their careers. This is so because the rents are fairly affordable, ranging from 8,000 to 25,000 for an apartment, depending on the number of bedrooms.

To commute to Kasarani from Nairobi Central Business District (CBD), you will board a bus route number 17B at Kenya Bus Station or along Tom Mboya street near Nairobi fire station.

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Commuting cost range between Ksh 50-100 depending on the time. The area hosts some of the best learning institutions, from low-class and middle-class to high-end. You can access any medical service anytime and any day while in Kasarani. You can also access major shopping centres such as Thika Road Mall and Garden City mall.


It sits in the Eastern part of Nairobi. The area hosts both low-income and middle-income earners. Rents for an apartment in Donholm range from Ksh 8,000-12,000 for a bedsitter and Ksh 13,000-20,000 for a one-bedroomed house.

To get to Donholm, you will board a matatu route number 33 along Tom Mboya Street opposite National Archives. Commuting cost range between Ksh 50-80 depending on time. It hosts some of the country’s best health facilities and learning institutions.


Embakasi has, for years, served as an obvious entry point for people moving to the city. Houses in Embakasi are relatively cheap, ranging from Ksh 6,000-10,000 for a bedsitter and 12,000-16,000 for a one-bedroomed house.

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To get to Embakasi, you will board a matatu route number 33 along Tom Mboya Street opposite National Archives. Fare range between Ksh 50-80 depending on time.


They are located in the western parts of Nairobi and play host to the middle and lower classes. They are among the cheapest estates to live in Nairobi; one bedroom goes for between Sh.8,000-Sh.13,000, bedsitter goes for between Sh 5,000-Sh 8,000. Matatus plying to Kinoo and Muthiru Parade at Odeon Cinema / Latema Road off Tom Mboya Street. Fare range between Ksh 50-70 depending on time.


It is located at the Western end of the Northern Bypass. The area hosts recreational facilities such as Two Rivers Mall, Village Market, Riviera Mall, the Tribe Hotel, and Trademark Hotel.

Bedsitters in Ruaka average between Sh7,000-Sh10,000 monthly, whereas one-bedroom goes for between Sh15,000-Sh20,000 monthly. To get to Ruaka from the Nairobi CBD, you will take route number 106 bus at the Khoja stage or Odeon Cinema stage. Fare range between Ksh 50-100 depending on time.


Its is located along Thika road in Kiambu county and is one of the cheapest places to live. Rent range between Ksh 5,500-8,000 for a bedsitter and Ksh 8,000-12,000 for a one-bedroomed house. To get to Ruiru, you will take route number 237 at Odeon or Moi Avenue opposite Mount Kenya University. Fare range between Ksh 50-80 depending on time.

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