Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Africa Fertilizer and soil health summit receives four big approvals

By Natasha Gamalie

On May 9, 2024, African Heads of State and government concluded the Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit.

African leaders endorsed this declaration, signifying their commitment to addressing the crucial issue of restoring the nutritional health of Africa’s depleted soils.

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The Nairobi Declaration outlines key points from the African leaders summit. It outlines the importance of fostering multi-stake holder partnerships and investing in policies, finance, research and markets.

This collaborative approach aims to drive improvements in fertilizer usage and sustainable soil health management practices throughout Africa.


Notably, thirteen specific commitments were outlined within the declaration;

  1. To Boost domestic production of high-quality inorganic and organic fertilizers to triple current levels by 2034, making them more accessible and affordable to small farmers.
  2. By 2034, the initiative aims to equip at least 70% of smallholder farmers across the continent with targeted fertilizer recommendations specific to their crops, soil and climate.
  3. To make available by 2034, to at least 70% of smallholder farmers on the continent, targeted agronomic recommendations for specific crops, soils and climatic conditions.
  4. To fully activate the Africa Fertilizer Finance Mechanism ( AFFM). This will boost production, purchase and distribution of organic and inorganic fertilizers , along with soil health improvements.
  5. The African Union Commission ( AU) will work with the existing climate funds to secure funding and expertise to fulfill these commitments.
  6. Creation of policies to support better fertilizer and soil health practices.
  7. Developing and promoting systemic national building for locally relevant fertilizers and soil health management practices.
  8. The Nairobi Declaration prioritizes African solidarity in promoting soil health. The Declaration emphasizes knowledge sharing, training and the best practice transfer for soil fertility and health across the continent.
  9. At least 70% of small farmers will get quality help with fertilizer and soil health by 2034. This includes support from both government and private advisors.
  10. The National Declaration emphasizes the importance of translating its recommendations into actionable steps.
  11. African countries will integrate the declaration recommendations into their national agricultural investment plans.
  12. Finance Ministers will unlock the funds needed to put the Declaration into action.
  13. The declaration also outlined specific actions to achieve the foreseen outcomes.

Building on the Declaration, the AFSH Summit also approved 10-year action plan for fertilizer and soil health, alongside the Africa Financing Mechanism ( AFFM) to ensure financial backing.

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