Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Easy ways to save time when paying school fees, back to school shopping

Back to School Shopping: The new school terms for the new 2023 academic year has kicked off.

As is likely to happen, long queues are being witnessed at the banks as parents battle to settle their kids’ school fees in time, or withdraw monies for books and uniforms, or apply for salary advances. In any given instance, this is bound to be a tedious and time consuming task.

But there are easier ways that parents can go around such inconveniences. For example, unlike previous years, this year, parents can settle all their school fees from the comfort of their mobile phones.

At the same time, they no longer need to queue at the bank in order to withdraw money for shopping or at the ATM. This is because shopping can now be paid for using Visa Cards.

To begin with, you need to get the MCoop Cash mobile app. This app is available for download on any app store.


This easy-to-use app will allow you to access your account balances, transfer cash to mobile phone money platforms such as MPesa and Airtel Money, withdraw cash or make payments such as fees and bills for books and uniforms for free.

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To begin with, sending money through the M-Coop platform to a school’s Co-operative Bank account is free. Additionally, once you have sent money, it will immediately reflect on the school’s account. In the same vein, you may pay your child’s school fees to a school’s Co-operative Bank account using the MPesa paybill number 400222.

instead of walking into a bank, you may use a Co-op kwa Jirani banking agent. Banking at a Co-op Kwa Jirani agent is as good as banking at a Co-op bank branch.

There is no need therefore to go to the branch to pay for your fees. However, if you use Co-op Kwa Jirani agent, you will need to indicate the student names when making the payment. You may also state before-hand that you are paying fees to the Co-op agent to get full assistance.

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