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Bizna Academy: The Dream

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Bizna Academy: The Dream

I have been running and managing my own businesses since 2003. For long time, having trained as a teacher, I did not have any formal training in business. Though my businesses were running well, I realized that I needed to have formal training to have a deeper understanding of how to operate my businesses.

in 2008 I started the quest to acquire formal Knowledge and skills in business. This exercise paid off immediately I was able to understand business processes and relationships between different players within the business operation. Over time, I up-skilled and became a small business trainer, consultant and mentor. This improved my business performance as well as relationships with my staff and other business partners.

Bizna Kenya: About Us

Three key characteristics I consider essential in business are:

  • Being adaptable
  • Persistence
  • Having a good work ethic.

For sustained well being of the entrepreneur and the business, these critical aspects need to be developed over time in response to the changing work and business environment. As such, the need for in-service training and skills development cannot be over emphasized as this goes a long way to shape the attitudes, perspectives and builds internal resilience of the business owner or manager.

In our quest to be the leading enabler for SMEs in Kenya, Bizna resolved to intervene in two key areas that affect small businesses in Kenya. These are:

  • Access to markets
  • Enterprise development

Training and equipping entrepreneurs falls under the second pillar. This is necessitated by the fact that though most businesses are started for the similar reasons, the circumstances under which entrepreneurs engaged in business a different. In most cases entrepreneurs get into business in response to emerging or prevailing circumstances such as loss of job or retirement. Therefore, most entrepreneurs are not adequately equipped to manage and grow their businesses.

As a result, statistics indicate that over 80% of small businesses fail before they celebrate their third anniversary. Inevitably, entrepreneurs lose a lot of time and money trying to figure out How things work. Regrettably, this cycle keeps repeating itself every year all over Kenya and in many parts of the world. We believe we can do something to reduce the incidences of failure and the attendant pain and suffering.

Our intervention is Bizna Academy.

Bizna Academy is designed to offer small business owners and managers relevant information, knowledge skills and to start, manage and grow their businesses affordably. Secondly, because of the prevailing circumstances within the small business set up, business owners and managers are not able to be away from the business for extended period at a time. We therefore designed short courses that can be delivered online.

After many failed attempts, Bizna recently partnered with Synergistic Value Limited and AfroCloud Technologies to deliver Bizna Academy, a world class online learning for entrepreneurs and professionals to be launched on 4th August 2020. The platform developed by AfroCloud Technologies is a state-of-the-art facility that is easy to navigate and use. It is fitted with courses in various business aspects with more courses being developed by Kenyan trainers to ensure that the training offered captures the nuances and aspirations of the Kenyan reality. If you are a trainer and wish to partner with us, you are welcome to do so.

I welcome you to join with Bizna to make Better Business. Better Life for all.

To join contact us

Call/SMS/WhatsApp: +254722529685

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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