Saturday, September 23, 2023

Blackwood Hodge boosts community health with Smart Water Solution

Today, industrial power solutions provider Blackwood Hodge announced the expansion of its solutions portfolio to include water and material handling solutions.
The Nairobi Industrial Area-based firm says the two new products will enjoy full end-to-end support from sales to technical support, client training on product use after-sales backup, and provision of genuine spare parts.

Established in Kenya in 1949, Blackwood Hodge has primarily built its name on the provision of Power diesel generator sets, offering technical solutions and after-sales support, where buyers have their maintenance and service teams tasked with operating the generators, trained on product maintenance and light servicing processes leading to improved product performance and fewer breakdowns.

Speaking when they hosted the Blackwood Hodge Kenya Expo on Friday(May 26, 2023), Chief Executive Mohammed Elghareeb says their core interest is to build community relationships that are keen on the longevity of service enjoyed from every product delivered anywhere in the country as well as assuring clients of Blackwood Hodge commitment to Kenya’s development and prosperity.

The Cost of Starting a Water Refilling Business in Kenya

Mr Elghareeb said Blackwood Hodge would continue to develop and mentor Kenyan staff by investing in soft skills and technical training on all products introduced in the Kenyan market. This is backed by Blackwood Hodge’s global supplier network of the world’s top solution providers in power generation, water solutions and material handling systems.

“Ours has been a journey of serving communities. We live passionately by committing to providing solutions that improve lives and businesses. Every solution we bring to the market is backed by our international partners and our local team’s commitment to delivering outstanding products and unparalleled customer experience.” Mr. Elghareeb said.

Contamination incidents have been on the rise across the country, with several people having lost their lives while others have been hospitalised after they reportedly consumed contaminated water. Blackwood Hodge water systems offer solutions to address current water quality challenges in Kenya.

Material handling solutions recently added to Blackwood Hodge’s offering are intended to improve cargo handling and stem incidents of cargo breakage due to poor handling. Blackwood Hodge material handling equipment is already used in warehouses and client premises across Kenya and at airport cargo handling points.

Kenya’s free market economy has birthed product merchants whose focus is to sell products at the lowest cost. This approach has led many to overlook the importance of aftersales solutions such as equipment management, maintenance and provision of spare parts.

“In these hard times, no business can afford machinery breakdowns due to lack of spare parts or substandard products with no guarantee. Clients must be provided with adequate information about a product to support business continuity. This is a service Blackwood Hodge is sincerely proud to provide,” Adds Mr Elghareeb

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