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TerryAnne Chebet: 10 businesses you can start with Sh. 10,000

Businesses to Start with 10k in Kenya: For most people, starting a business is a major problem due to the heavy capital involved. What most aspiring entrepreneurs don’t know is that it does not take big money to start a business. You can start with as little as Sh. 10,000.

According to media personality and entrepreneur TerryAnne Chebet, there are numerous business you can start without taking loans or pouring in too much money. “The secret is out, you can make money with a small amount of capital, if you focus.,” she said. Ms. Chebet listed ten of these businesses.

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One of the businesses she highlighted is the makeup business. This came out of a personal experience. During her career’s initial days, Ms. Chebet had a makeup side hustle that gave her over Sh. 25,000 which was the salary she earned from her official career every end month. Today, in one of her ventures, Ms. chebet runs a beauty products business known as Keyara Beauty Products.

Ms. Chebet further highlighted the scented candles business as one she thought about opening. Others included the wigs business, and the skin care business.

Below is the YouTube talk by TerryAnne Chebet in which she listed the 10 businesses to start with Sh. 10,000.

Businesses to Start with 10k in Kenya:

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