9 most profitable businesses to start with Ksh. 20,000 (Updated 2019)

Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya: Anyone looking to venture into business wants to make profit. With a starting capital of as low as Kshs 20,000 or even lower, the following business ideas are profitable and worth considering. Start now..

Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya: Selling Mitumba Clothes

Many young people are turning to selling secondhand clothes. Business centers in towns or residential areas have shops or stalls selling these clothes. It is a favorite business ideas as it generates profit quickly. The trick is starting small by selecting good and fast moving items such as children’s clothes or official ladies clothes. Do your selection carefully to have a high chance of quickly turning over your stock. As a small business, never tie down your cash in stock.

You may choose to wash and iron the clothes to attract more value. Gikomba market is a good place to start. Many successful secondhand clothes dealers started there. Decide on your routine such that you replenish your stock weekly. You can operate by either visiting your clients in their workplaces or homes. This will eliminate the need to pay rent for a shop or stall. You can wash, keep and iron your stock at home. If you decide to rent a stall, start small. Look for a strategically located place going for less than Sh10,000.

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Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya: Freelance Printing

Printing of documents such as receipt books, invoice books, delivery books, wedding cards, business cards, brochures, funeral programs and any other documents used by businesses or individuals does not necessarily require you to own a printer or printing machine.

You can outsource these jobs and give your clients a higher quotation. Your main concentration will be in looking for clients who want documents printed. As usual, always start small and grow with the business as you learn the ropes.

Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya: Selling Cereals

We all eat cereals. You can model this business as a broker or middleman too. To start small and slowly get clients and grow your market, you can go to places like Nyamakima or Eastleigh in Nairobi and buy cereals wholesale then distribute to other sellers in residential areas or in areas out of town such as Ongata Rongai, Kitengela, Mlolongo or in Eastlands.

You may also choose to open up a small store to store your cereals or sell from. A small store will enable you reduce rental costs.

Personal Lending

Personal lending can be profitable if you lend to friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances with an interest rate of say, 5% to 20%. I am sure you have friends or relatives who keep asking for money every now and then. Stop giving them handouts! You can turn their needs into a financial benefit.

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Agree on a deadline and ensure that those who do not keep it pay a fine. Keep good records of those you have given money, the amounts, fees, contacts and due dates. Let them sign a form to acknowledge receipt and commit to pay back at a fee.

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