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Why Caroline Kangogo wanted her husband dead

Caroline Kangogo Husband: You’re next! This was the message that the late Caroline Kangogo sent her husband shortly after committing two murders within hours. The threatening text message left many wondering why Caroline was keen on ending the life of her husband.

In her suicide note, Caroline admitted that she had been planning to murder her husband. At one point, she traveled to Mombasa and began spying on him with the intention of killing him. She only changed her mind to spare her kids from becoming orphans, she said.

Even as detectives burned the midnight oil over the case, various reports painted the strained relationship that Caroline had with her husband. This strained relationship appears to have been the source of vendetta and bad blood between Caroline and her husband.

Was killer cop an officer during the day, sex worker by night?

According to one report, Kangogo’s file indicated that she was still married to her husband who is a Commissioner of Police based in Mombasa and has two children aged 11 and 7 years.

Her marriage to the senior officer based in Mombasa was troubled and she allegedly fought with him in public, prompting the officer to end the union. Apparently, Caroline and her ex husband kept fighting over infidelity. The report said Caroline was violent towards her husband over his infidelity.

Killer cop walks into bank, withdraws money, goes into hiding undetected

“A lawyer who acted for her husband said the two separated eight years ago and had been fighting in court over the custody of the two children,” a report that appeared in the Daily Nation said.

This matter was however solved out of court. Although Caroline and her estranged husband had agreed that their children, who were still living with her would visit their father over school holidays, they ended up living with the father at the coast region.

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