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Cars not to buy in Kenya: 10 cars to avoid when you are on a tight budget

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Nissan Altima

The top offender is the Nissan Altima, which was the least reliable car of all mid-size sedans of all car brands included in the Consumer Reports survey. Some of the car problems reported by drivers include non-responsive push-button ignitions, sensor malfunctions, and complaints regarding the Constantly Variable Transmission (CVT).

Chevrolet Cruze 2011/13

The redesigned Chevrolet Cruze upped the compact’s game, but the previous generation had a significant run as the most unreliable. Consumer Reports found models from 2011 to 2013 completely unacceptable on this front.  Engine cooling, transmission, climate control, and general body integrity doomed these models. Overall, even Chevy Sonic scored better than Cruze over that stretch.

2008 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Cars not to buy

The Range Rover Sport delivers a good balance of on- and off-road proficiency. Its upscale exterior and well-appointed cabin befit the SUV’s price tag. It comes loaded with numerous active and passive safety features, but you won’t be able to load a lot of cargo into its small rear storage area. The Range Rover Sport also has low predicted reliability and isn’t fuel efficient.

2013 Land Rover LR4

The Land Rover LR4 falters when it comes to predicted reliability, fuel efficiency, tech, and handling in corners. One of the only benefits: However, the LR4 is a capable off-roader, with the ability to conquer tough terrain with ease.

2008 Volkswagen Passat Wagon

Passat Wagon

The Volkswagen Passat Wagon is neither reliable nor swift. Its six-speed automatic transmission suffers from rough downshifts, and the four-cylinder engine has quite a bit of turbo lag. However, it does have a few high points, including its spacious cabin, long list of standard safety features, and comfortable ride.

Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke

Granted, the Nissan Juke is a fun car to drive, with a roomier cargo room, but that’s where all the fun ends. While it had a following that didn’t mind its design, the Juke was organized chaos, and perhaps one of the worst designs from Nissan.

What’s your worst car experience? Which car model would you never dare spend your money on?


  1. Thank you for the advice about the vehicles to avoid buying in kenya. I would like to know if a subaru forester is a good car to look at especially SG5 model

  2. 1.What are good cars one could go for in terms of mechanism, fuel consumption, spare parts etc
    2.How about Nissan b14 is it good car one can buy?

  3. Dude! Have you even owned a Mitsubishi? Where did you get this info? “The GDI engines do not have fuel filters, they are built in.”??
    I own one of these and I change my filters every time I service my car. Its very wrong of you to write such articles giving people wrong information.

    • I agree too.i own a mitsubishi GDI too.it totally depends on how you take care of your automobile.if you cant sustain the maintanance avoid at all cost.

    • Depends, maybe it’s a bad valve cover that’s causing oil to leak or depending on the age of the vehicle, you may need an engine overhaul..
      But the B 14 is one of the most reliable saloon cars of all times.

  4. Assuming all cars were driven by the same driver for a period of time equally
    Then Mitsubishi needs patient and careful guys

  5. Are there modern cars with EFI engines that have replaceable fuel filterst these days? The last time I replaced an in-line fuel filter was many years ago on a Mazda 323.

  6. I have a toyota caldina for six years the new model . It’s at 330 000 no problem so far I have about 240 000 and not complaining when should I expect what you’re talking about?

  7. I am in Kenya and i would like to find spares for my mitsubishi lancer cedia. Is there anyone with a clue where i could go to for spares. I will be glad to receive any information

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