Monday, September 25, 2023

Revealed: Ruto committee’s proposed radical changes to CBC

The controversial competency based curriculum (CBC) is set to undergo some radical changes if the exposed proposals of the committee set by President William Ruto are anything to go by.

These proposals have been revealed by a newspaper report that is contained in the Standard Media Group’s Standard newspaper.

According to this report, Grade Six pupils are likely to remain in their current primary schools for an extended two years (traditionally up to class 8). This is aimed at addressing the fears of age and maturity that parents have expressed.

The report also says that the system of 2-6-3-3-3 may be replaced with a new system of 2-6-2-4-3.

“Under CBC, learners spend two years in pre-primary, six years in primary, and three years each in junior and senior secondary schools and at the university,” the report in the Standard newspaper said.

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“In the new proposal, pre-primary and nursery school will take two years. Primary school will take six years. Junior secondary school will last two years. Senior secondary schools will take four years. Tertiary and university education will take a minimum of three years.”

The report said that nursery kids will be expected to be aged five to six years, primary children will be aged seven to 12 years, junior secondary students will be between 13 and 14 years, senior secondary schools will be aged between 15 and 18 years.

“After sitting their Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) in December, the present Grade Six learners will just move to the next class (Grade Seven) within the same school in January. These learners will then move to Grade Eight in 2024 after which they will transition through placements, to senior secondary schools in 2025,” the report in The Standard said, adding that learners in Grade 7 and Grade 8 be given unique uniforms.

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