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How to grow profits if you start with 50 chicks bought at Sh. 5,000

Chicken Farm Profit Margin: This post was written and published by Mathews Tanui. Starting with Sh. 5,000 buy 50 chicks ( improved kienyeji , I recommend kenbro chicks from kenchic or Kuroilers or rainbow roosters. They grow faster).

Rear the chicks for only one week , sell at kshs 130 per chick which will amount kshs 6500 . Reinvest the whole amount which will now buy 65 chicks . Do the same. Rear for a week and sell them at ksh130 per chick which will amount to ksh8450. Repeat the process and buy 84 chicks ,for a week sell at ksh 130 amounting to kshs 10,920. We are now at 4 weeks. Still not touching your capital.

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Buy 109 chicks and sell at a week at kshs 130 per chick which will amount to kshs14170 . Buy 141 chicks and sell at kshs 130 per chick amounting to kshs 18330 . Buy 183 chicks and sell at kshs 130 per chick amounting to kshs 23790 . Buy 237 chicks and sell them at kshs 130 per chick amounting to kshs 30810 . We are now at two months (8weeks). Selling chicks at a week because they consume less and occupy less space which is advantageous to us our starting point.

We now have kshs30,000 capital, don’t go buy that fake Gucci. Stick to the plan. Invest 30% on chicks, 30% on feeds/vaccines and 30 % on a poultry house. Nunua mabati sita za 2 metres @ kshs 480 ,nunua kuku net roll moja ya 18metres @ kshs 1800 , nunua round poles instead ya posts ,they are cheap. Six will be enough at ksh250 each , if possible Jenga mwenyewe or employ your village fundi just make sure your construction doesn’t exceed 10k . (4m×2m) is enough for 100 chicken. Now grow your chicken for five months ( that’s why I prefer improved kienyeji) they’ll have attained 2-3kgs by that time.

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Ready market consumes chicken @kshs300 per kg live weight (ikiwa uhai) so you’ll sell at a minimum of kshs 600 per chicken amounting to kshs 60,000. You can find hotel markets and sell at kshs 1000 each but let’s stick to the ‘mtu wa kuku’ who comes to your door step asking for chicken?.

Now at 7months since we started, I know it looks like it doesn’t make sense to earn kshs60,000 in 7months but stick on to the plan ,the big check is coming.

Reinvest 30% on chicks , that’ll be 180chicks , expand your poultry house with 10k, the remaining use it on feeds and vaccines. Rear the chicken to maturity (5months) then sell @ksh600 each that’ll amount to kshs 108,000. Reinvest 30% on chicks , that’ll be 324 chicks . Rear again to maturity and sell at kshs 600 each amounting to kshs194,400 . Do you now smell the coffee??

We’re now at 15 months. Reinvest 30% on chicks the ret should cater for feeding and vaccination costs. That is 580 chicks. Do the same and sell at five months. Kshs 600 each . That is kshs 384,000. Buy 1040 chicks and sell them at your 23rd month since beginning at kshs 600each . That is kshs 624,000 total.

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These are my thoughts on starting from kshs 5,000 capital . I’m doing it practically and on my second month now . Will be buying the 100 chicks starting next month.

Put in mind bussiness is never built in a day or a week…vifaranga watakufa but the key word is DON’T GIVE UP…There is always a light at the end of a tunnel….Kula profit’s kidogo ukule siku Mingi…don’t forget that..

If you have a monthly income you can decide to reinvest the whole amount you get from your chicken and in five years,retire to your farm. If you have no monthly income like me find a hustle , enda mjengo ,hawk njugu or sell fish door to door like me. Just make sure you reinvest a bigger portion of the capital coming from chicken. Chicken Farm Profit Margin.

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