Thursday, November 30, 2023

Chris Kirubi: This is why poverty is a state of mind

Chris Kirubi’s Quotes: Poverty is something many of you may know too well. It hurts and stings making you feel less important than those who are privileged. It seems to cloud the mind convincing you that you are incapable of changing your situation and hinders many young people from becoming successful.

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Circumstances may seem that way but it’s important to understand that poverty is just your physical state not mental.

You may be poor on the outside but full of wisdom and intelligence on the inside. However, you can corrupt that if you let your state of poverty affect your mind. Instead, choose to fight and improve your situation knowing that you have much more to offer. Arm and empower yourself with knowledge that you can use to better yourself. Remember, an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Chris Kirubi's Quotes

It’s time the young people who have been affected by poverty began seeing it as just a state of the mind. That regardless of their background, with the right mind-set, you can break away from the ‘physical’ shackles of poverty. It may be easier said than done but it’s not impossible.

Make a decision to create a better livelihood for yourself and even those around you. Partner with those who are like minded and have faced similar hurdles like you and create opportunities for yourselves. Show those who have succeeded that you too can succeed given the opportunity. Let it encourage them to give the underprivileged opportunities or partner with them to enhance their livelihoods.

You my friend are no different. You may have to work twice as hard for opportunities, but there’s nothing more satisfying then enjoying the fruits of your hard earned labor. Let poverty motivate you to do more and live a better life. Chris Kirubi’s Quotes.

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  1. Thanks Bw. Chris, your are the mentor I always salute and read your statements of wisdom. Those who will understand and follow shall benefit from the wise business directives you do give out, those who will only praise and move, will be like keeping a good business idea in a file. A good business idea is the one in motion and not in a file.

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