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Man who educated himself by hauling cargo on donkey, now owns car yard, mansion

For many people, the greatest motivation in life is the belief in never giving up and the realization that nobody is coming to save them. This drives them to put in the hard work for the betterment of their lives.

Daniel Ikiara was raised in a humble background in Molo. His family faced financial struggles, especially in funding his education. To chip into his education fund, he resorted to carrying cargo for clients using a donkey.

Eyes on the prize, Daniel Ikiara knew that his life was only destined for improvement despite the struggles he faced. Fortunately, he managed to go through primary and secondary school.

After completing high school, Ikiara relocated to Mombasa to pursue his dreams, which largely involved cars. The 28-year-old secured his first position as a broker in 2012.

“I started as a broker in 2012, connecting buyers and sellers in the car market. It was tough initially, but I was determined to succeed,” he said.

Man working as boda rider builds family lovely house with 7 year savings

Over time, Daniel has become a notable person in the car sales business in Kenya, thanks to his hard work and dedication. To date, he has successfully sold over 500 cars.

With years of experience under his belt and savings accumulated from commission earnings, Daniel decided to open his own small car yard in Mombasa; Deltech Motors. He now stocks a variety of vehicles that he sells.

In addition to his business success, Daniel has built himself a beautiful mansion to celebrate his hard work and success. This story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration to the younger generation.

With ambition and dedication, anyone can overcome any challenges they encounter and attain their goals. Daniel’s story demonstrates that with perseverance, one will always see light at the end of the tunnel.

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