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Dennis Mogere: How I built my Sh. 590,000 home as a waiter in Narok

Dennis Mogere boldly decided to relocate from his home in Kisii and have a fresh start in Narok County. His first job at Narok was as a waiter.

Dennis is an ambitious fellow. He says he wanted to grow financially and get more exposure away from home, hence why he left his Kisii home to start a new life from scratch.

While working as a hotel waiter, Dennis managed to save up some cash. With the amount he had already built up, Dennis leased half an acre parcel of land where he started farming cabbages in 2021.

“I then started planting cabbages, bought a generator and with time, I bought another acre where I also started farming both spinach and cabbages,” he said.

The cabbage business grew and from it, he was earning much more than he would have expected. Dennis thereafter started buying building materials in 2022.

“In one year, the cabbage gave me almost Sh. 900,000. Many have money but they do not have discipline, so I had to learn how to be disciplined for all the projects that I want to accomplish,” he narrates.

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After the August general elections, Dennis began his dream project; building his beautiful home. It took him exactly 33 days to complete.

He has now already moved into his new home, all credit to his financial discipline and doesn’t have to put up with the squabbles of paying rent in addition to the high cost of living. He fit his lovely home with gorgeous furniture ranging from appliances, seats and other furnishings.

“The house has a living room, open kitchen, two bedrooms and a washroom. It took me approximately Sh. 590,000. I am thankful I moved from home because I was able to develop myself,” he added.

In addition, his cabbage business has enabled him to generate enough proceeds to set up other businesses.

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