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State to renovate Gachagua’s Sh. 450 million residence with Sh. 600 million

The Kenyan government has launched a renovation project for Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s residence, with an allocated budget of Sh. 600 million.

The residence, dubbed the ‘Hustlers Mansion,’ was reportedly in a state of disrepair. According to the latest report from the government’s Controller of Budget, Sh. 100 million has already been expended on repairs.

Margaret Nyakang’o disclosed that the construction of the house, which commenced in July last year, reportedly incurred costs of Sh. 450 million, funded by taxpayers.

In March 2023, reports indicated that the Deputy President had not yet moved into his official residence due to a leaking roof and broken equipment.

He claimed that the house’s dilapidated condition was a form of punishment by the Jubilee administration on President Ruto during his tenure as Deputy President. He added that President Ruto had to cover bills personally.

“The official residence of the Deputy President was in a bad shape when I became Deputy President. The rooftop was leaking, the borehole pump was broken down, and the house was totally in bad shape,” he said.

“Even if I would want to move into the DP’s residence, that place is inhabitable. I found Ruto staying in a house where the roof is leaking. They had even moved to a corner of the house together with the wife.”

In May 2023, two months down the line since making these remarks, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua relocated to his residence in Karen. He has since been conducting sub-Cabinet committee meetings and engaging with diplomats from this location.

Inside the Deputy President’s official residence

The Sh. 450 million second-family home is located on a 10-acre plot in Karen. Construction initially began in 2006 but was stopped shortly afterwards due to accusations of delays and poor quality against the contractor.

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The second contractor took over in 2008, and the late former President Mwai Kibaki officially inaugurated the home in 2012. The residence features three entrances that lead to beautifully landscaped and verdant gardens.

The main house includes two master bedrooms and three children’s bedrooms. Additionally, the front porch boasts a water fountain that operates continuously, befitting the status of the second-in-command to the head of state.

Moreover, the residence includes an office block equipped with a boardroom, lounge, and media centre, as well as servant quarters comprising six 2-bedrooms and three 1-bedrooms.

The compound’s allure is exemplified by a 20m³ swimming pool and a well-built gazebo. Additionally, the home features amenities such as a gym, sauna, and steam bath.

Other structures within the compound encompass a 6-car garage and guest houses. The Deputy President’s residence is closely guarded by well-trained security personnel.

The residence is now on track for renovations worth Sh. 600 million

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