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Biography of Kenya’s highest paid entertainer, DJ Joe Mfalme

Back in the day, some jobs were often viewed by society as lacklustre and one to look down upon. One such career was becoming a Disc Jockey.

Trends and attitudes of modern people have shifted and nowadays, these jobs are very lucrative and well in demand. The norm is to always have a DJ at parties, clubs, radio stations, TV stations and even some churches.

One of the top names that always comes up in the top Kenyan DJs conversation is Joseph Mwenda Munoru, alias DJ Joe Mfalme.

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Born in Meru on 9th September 1986, he traces his mixing roots to as early as his 13th birthday, when he began to listen to the earliest Kenyan DJs. Among his favourites was DJ pinye.

Rolling on the years, these old-school favourites of his have helped him create a sound and his business niche which have propelled his name to local and international stages.

Today, Joe Mfalme is a widely acclaimed DJ with some of his most notable performances on Capital FM, K24 and Trace Africa. His music gravitates more towards dancehall, crunk and old school RnB’s.


He began his music career in 2008, at a disc jockey competition dubbed Pilsner Mfalme DJ competition, where he managed to take the first-runners up slot. In 2010, he took a stab at winning the competition, which he did.

This subsequently earned him his second title in his name; Mfalme which means King. Scouted as a top talent for the country, DJ Joe Mfalme was quickly absorbed into Capital FM where he began to perform several gigs.

One was a morning show titled Lift Off that got him into trouble. He was subjected to a 2-week suspension and sensitization training by women rights professionals on conduct while on air.


Needless to say, his career took an upward trajectory since that altercation. To date, DJ Joe Mfalme stands as one of the highest paid DJ’s in the country.

He reportedly charges Sh. 170,000 for regional events and over Sh. 210,000 for international events. To perform club gigs, he charges between Sh. 40,000 and Sh. 50,000. For special occasions, one would need to part with Sh. 50,000.

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Allegedly, DJ Joe Mfalme charges between Sh. 60,000 and Sh. 70,000 to get hired to perform at a personal party or in university shows.

The DJ also runs his own company that offers additional services including event audio solutions, social media influencing, photography services, brand activations and brand partnerships.

Some of the big partners in his portfolio include Huawei, Safaricom, Shell, KCB and Coca-Cola. The roles have enabled him to build a professional profile.

He also sells merchandise including his signature baseball caps, t-shirts and more. DJ Joe Mfalme is reportedly married to a lady named Ephy Preston, however details of the family remain scanty.

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