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Equity Bank in plan to establish 300 Afya Clinics by 2025

Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi has recently disclosed that the next project of the financial services group would be the establishment of at least 300 operational Afya Clinics in Kenya by 2025.

He announced this while speaking at the 13th Annual Regional Education and Leadership Congress for Wings to Fly and Elimu Scholarship Program beneficiaries on Monday, May 1st 2023.

Mwangi noted that the corporate is committed to making this a reality through its merchandise, Equity Afya Clinics.

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With 81 clinics already in operation, this initiative aims to improve access to affordable healthcare services for more Kenyans.

The event was held at Machakos High School and was graced by 1,500 beneficiaries of Equity’s programs from Kajiado, Makueni and Machakos counties.

Equity Bank in plan to establish 300 Afya Clinics by 2025


James Mwangi asserted that Equity Afya clinics provide additional support to students who benefit from the program and eventually graduate with a degree in medicine after completing their university studies.

Each beneficiary who becomes a qualified doctor will be granted a Sh. 20 million incentive to establish an Equity Afya Clinic

“We have created a franchise called Equity Afya for those who have done medicine. We want to transform and disrupt health in this country to make it affordable, reliable and dependable for all,” Mwangi stated.

Equity Bank aspires to have established more than 150 fully operational clinics by the end of this year.


“Our aspiration is that by the end of this year, 150 health clinics shall have been opened by Equity. By 2025, we are confident we shall have established and operationalised 300 hospitals in Kenya,” said the group’s CEO.

Equity Bank in plan to establish 300 Afya Clinics by 2025

Furthermore, Equity’s project aligns with the government’s vision for the country’s health system. Mwangi divulged that Equity Afya Clinics will charge 40% fewer fees than all other clinics in the country.

“It’s deliberately intentional. It’s guaranteed quality health because it’s a franchise monitored by Equity Group Foundation and Equity Bank ensures our customers get the best health they can at affordable rates,” he stated.

In essence, the meeting aimed at motivating, encouraging, and preparing students for their national exams.

“This is more of parental mentoring and coaching of our young stars. We have talked at length about the opportunities that they have. Those who get As and A minuses who join Equity Leadership Internship Program immediately start working at Equity Bank until they go to university, they earn Sh40,000 monthly,” he said.

Equity Bank in plan to establish 300 Afya Clinics by 2025

Such beneficiaries will also access various opportunities and be connected to Equity outlets nationwide. In addition, they will be encouraged to apply for international scholarships.

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