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Unsuspecting Kenyan women losing millions in WhatsApp, Facebook chamas

Tens of scams disguised as chamas have been sprouting up on Facebook. In these chamas, which are mostly ran by women, use WhatsApp merry-go-round groups.

Unsuspecting women are asked to join any group they can depending on their contribution ability. They can join a group where contribution is Sh. 2,000 per week or even Sh. 20,000 per week.

However, these groups have now turned into scams, with members losing millions they have paid in contribution.

In the latest of these Facebook Chamas scams, a lady who was identified as Kate wa Gladys took to her timeline to share how one of the group officials who was identified as Teresa Muchiri has taken away with contributions amounting to over Sh. 2 million.

Here is what Kate wa Gladys posted:

“Teresa Muchiri joined the groups when I made ya kununua sound system last year. That’s the first one I remember coz I saved her Triza Makelele.

That’s how I met her. Things were ok there and she joined many more after that. We would talk but never met. At that time I was sweetie, darling, my dear. I was dumb. I thought we had become friends.

You know chama at that time was a friends and fans thing…. Kate, let’s make group ya 20k. At least niskume kamzigo hapa. Kate huyoooooo…. Saa hizo there is demand for the group. Why not…. Kate makes the group.

Kate, naona you will make group ya 1m. I’m interested. Kate is stupid, group made. 10k she joins…. 30k she joins…. Some i admit I knew when she was joining. Some she joined just as everybody else.

So for 1 year she was faithful. For one year she paid well. Akanunua lorry, akanunua gari, akaanza kujenga. Then the cracks started to show. She would be late group moja. Then ingine… I thought, si Triza is my friend. And has been faithful all along. Surely she will come through. I mean this is someone I even called and invited to go with us to Zanzibar.

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I had finally met her and she had visited my bakery. I had told her my fears and dreams. Mpaka ananiuliza Siri ya smooth face Mimi Kate I even send her pics of my kigongi and serums too. As far as I knew, huyu ni my friend. So akichelewa na one hour, na Ako kwa shamba, I can understand. Then the gaps got bigger.

I should have seen the red flags. Kate ni wale watu who is loyal. So another chance. She took a loan from a friend I had introduced her to. She was to get in round 2 of 1m transformation group. And in my mind, she would have solved at least some liquidity issue and be back. Come that day, she got the money and life ikaendelea.

10 days later it’s now April. I am now dealing with the bank and have to explain to the bank nature of the business. I explain in my own layman language. Btw…. Kama you are running a chama you need an accountant who can explain things… Anyway, Mimi I just explain. Ni merry go round.

Those people track each and every payment made. So come 25th, Triza is to receive another 500k. In another group in 2nd round. All admins say hakuna vile. She has been late. And rules have to apply to all. We must spread risk. Bank asks, kama ni merry go round, why would the same person get money twice in 10 days. It should be someone else’s turn.

I inform Triza. Weeeeeeeeee….. It turns I’m the one who has killed her business. If you go to a bank and unyimwe loan, did the bank kill your business.

So now she stopped paying. Above that, sasa kuniharibia jina. The smear campaign began. I tell her it doesn’t matter, Ako na pesa za wenyewe. I’m bad and I’m evil and I’m the devil and I’m a who’re and all those things ameniita. Sasa alipe pesa ya wenyewe.

She totally refused. Told people she is punishing me and will make sure I go down and she will destroy my business.

I got statements from the bank. In total apart from the money went to supplier was washing machine in cash amepata 8.3m. I’ll post the statements.

Hapa is breakdown of the groups she hasn’t paid. Only less the 110k amelipa Purity juu ya uwoga

Teresa Muchiri Group Debt

1. Gracious 30k Monthly 211,400

2. Marathon 20k monthly 101,000

3. Eagle 15k monthly 75,500

4. Leading ladies 500k 150,150

5. 20k Leading Ladies 20050

6. Early Risers 5050

7. Marathon ½m Challenge 100,200

8. 1m transformation Group 700,700

9. 20k 20th Chama 100,500

10. Marathon 50k monthly 200,800

11. Golden 50k Monthly 150,600

12. Golden 1 million 331,500

13. Kikwetu 50k Monthly 251,000

14. 50k 500 Business Boost 150,600

15. Mashujaa 500k 150,150

16. Victory Finders 100,200

17. 1 million Challenge 100,100

18. The 10k Dream Catcher 30,300

19. 2nd 10k Monthly 30150

Total 2,859,850

I have endured her insults and smear campaign na madharau since April. I’ve been paying for her till I can’t do it anymore. I have been accused of everything including that I colluded with her to defraud members

She has even sent me a demand letter demanding the 500k we didn’t send and she wasn’t owed. How do you demand for a loan.

Alafu akafungua machama zake

Punda imechoka. Triza pay me back na ulipe wamama,” wrote Cate wa Gladys.

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