Farming pili pili hoho: In Kenya, pili pili hoho does well in hot or warm areas. These include areas in Eastern and Coast regions. This crop, which is popularly known as capsicum can be farmed in open grounds, shades or even green houses.

“It is a source of vitamins A and C, with the red-coloured variety containing dietary fibre and is rich in antioxidants, which are essential in maintaining good health. Ideally, there are different varieties of capsicum, which start primarily as green but upon ripening, they end up as yellow, red or remain green,” says Anne Macharia, an agronomist.

She further points out that pili pili hoho usually takes three to four months to mature. This makes it one of the best earning short-maturing crops.

“The seeds are first sowed in the nursery and later transplanted. The germination of the seeds may be proceeded by a period of dormancy, taking 10-12 days before germinating depending on the variety,” she says.

Below is a table showing the amount of money you will make from farming pili pili hoho:

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