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Former KTN news anchor turns to teaching after quitting newsroom

Mwalimu Frank Otieno, a prominent figure in Kenyan journalism, has embarked on an exciting new journey at Daystar University.

bidding farewell to Standard Media Group, Otieno has returned to his roots in teaching by joining the esteemed institution’s School of Communication.

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With a career spanning two decades in journalism, Otieno’s passion for the Swahili language and his desire to promote it has led him to become a vital member of the Department of Language & Performing Arts at Daystar University.

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Otieno wholeheartedly embraces his newfound position at Daystar University’s School of Communication, radiating enthusiasm and a strong sense of pride.

“Thank you Daystar University for the special assignment in the School of Communication, Department of Language & Performing Arts.”

He is particularly thrilled to have the opportunity to teach Swahili to a diverse group of students, including learners from the United States.

Daystar University’s collaboration with Howard University in Washington, D.C., has facilitated a Swahili learning program within the Faculty of Communication, Department of Language and Arts.

“It is my pride to return to the work I cherish. I am a teacher at the School of Communication, Department of Language and Performing Arts, Daystar University.

“Students from Howard University, Washington DC, USA have come to Daystar University in Kenya for a Swahili learning program through the Faculty of Communication, Department of Language and Arts,” he told Pulse Kenya.

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Otieno, known affectionately as Mwalimu (Swahili for “teacher”), is part of a team of esteemed Swahili lecturers who are dedicated to promoting the language.

Otieno’s transition from journalism to teaching represents a significant milestone in his career.

Before his successful tenure in the media industry, he began as a teacher and taught in various schools.


Through his extensive experience, he developed a deep appreciation for the power of education and its transformative impact on individuals and society.

During his time at KTN, Otieno played a crucial role in the education sector, raising the bar through innovative programs.

The Dau la Elimu show on KTN News, which he spearheaded, brought together education stakeholders for six years.

This platform facilitated meaningful discussions on vital educational topics, spanning from early childhood to tertiary education

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